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Lookout Systems is a FieldView Solutions Partner.

 Our technical sales and application specialists will help design a configuration that accomplishes your needs.

  • FieldView is a best-in-class, purpose built enterprise monitoring software solution that provides accurate, reliable, real-time information on all of a data center's critical facility systems. 
  • FieldView is vendor independent and extraordinarily scalable.
  • FieldView empowers data center managers to make great decisions.
  • FieldView helps Data Center Managers, IT and Facilities people run their facilities at peak efficiency. So there are no uptime interruptions, and they get the most out of their assets, physical space, cooling and especially their energy dollar.

How FieldView works:

FieldView Solutions - Access, Convergence and Intelligence

Access Gather all the data you need, from disparate systems, equipment, and different facilities, in real time.

Convergence Your data, normalized, organized, easy-to-read, useful.

Intelligence BI without the BS. Make sense of it all with our metrics and analytics, turning data into actionable information many departments, Facilities, IT, or C-level, can use to make informed decisions to improve energy efficiency, space usage and uptime.

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